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In the year 2019, Cristiano Ronaldo launched the initial Insparya Clinic in Spain. At that time, CR7 declared, ” This venture will surely thrive.” His words have come into fruition as, after 5 years, Insparya has established several facilities globally, including Portugal, Spain, and Italy. According to the most recent post on social media, the business has now expanded to the Middle East.

At Insparya, our focus is on addressing and identifying Alopecia, a condition that causes hair loss in various areas of the body, such as the scalp and beard. We specialize in providing treatment and diagnosis for this specific issue.

Insparya’s new center, announced by Cristiano Ronaldo, aims to boost the self-esteem of victims.

Through his Instagram account, the Portuguese veteran revealed the debut of Insparya in Oman. As part of the announcement, Cristiano Ronaldo also mentioned the official page of the recently established clinic. In regards to the venture, he expressed (@via insparya_middleeast), “This initiative is distinct and cutting-edge, with a significant emphasis on research and technology. My intention is to contribute and invest in areas that will boost the confidence of individuals, regardless of gender, who are experiencing hair loss due to the alopecia condition.” Interestingly, CR7 is not the sole mastermind behind this undertaking.

Insparya’s co-founders include a prominent soccer figure, as well as their CEO, Paulo Ramos. With 15 years of experience, Ramos has successfully performed over 60,000 transplants. His personal experience with Alopecia served as a driving force for his dedication to the field. Prior to Insparya, Ramos worked at Saude Viable where his exceptional work caught the attention of Cristiano RonaldoRonaldo, in his pursuit of assisting others, formed a successful alliance with Paulo Ramos. Currently, Insparya holds a prominent position in Alopecia treatment and biomedical research with a team of 400 experts, 13 facilities globally, and a market worth of $107 million. While CR7’s contribution has greatly contributed to their visibility, the role of Georgina Rodriguez’s involvement behind the scenes is often overlooked.

Insparya: The Covert Business Venture of Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez is a multi-talented individual, excelling in her roles as a model, influencer, and astute businesswoman. Interestingly, she also holds an administrative position at Insparya, as reported by Gudmag. Despite this, she rarely promotes Insparya on her social media platforms, choosing instead to showcase her other partnerships and brand endorsements.

A sly dig was taken by Marcelo at Cristiano Ronaldo with a message regarding his latest fragrance addition, as reported by Essentially Sports. The Real Madrid player’s comment seemed to be a subtle reference to his former teammate’s extensive collection of fragrances.

Cristiano Ronaldo has commended her business abilities. Nevertheless, managing Insparya was a challenging endeavor for the duo. Particularly, the enterprise has encountered legal disputes with the Tax Agency in the past, regarding the collection of VAT. However, Insparya continues to thrive and the recent expansion in Oman serves as evidence of the remarkable efforts behind the scenes.

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