How to clean beauty blender [ Step by Step Guide ]

Cleaning your beauty blender is a daunting task, but it is essential. Over time, there may be bacteria and oil accumulation, which may cause irritation, bad application, damaged brushes, and breakouts. So, you cannot avoid it; however, we will share two easy and effective methods with you, which may help you to clean your blender within a few minutes deeply. Stay in touch with us; we will explore the easy step-by-step guide that may help you clean beauty blenders.

Cleaning a Beauty Blender [Step-by-Step Easy Guide]

There are several methods to clean the beauty blender. Here, we will share the two most effective ways, which are easy and take a couple of minutes to complete.

Method 1- Cleaning with Olive Oil & Microwave sterilization

Things you Need:

Before starting the cleaning, gather the essential materials to make your cleaning process smooth. You will need the following materials for beauty blender cleaning.

  • Olive Oil
  • Regular dish soap or hand soap
  • A bowl
  • Beauty Blender

Step 1- Prepare the cleaning mixture

Take the bowl and prepare the cleaning mixture. Combine the olive oil with the soap. You can add three or four pumps of soap to the olive oil. Once combined, mix them properly. This mixture is to break down and then remove the makeup residue from your blenders.

Step 2- Lather the Beauty Blender

Next, take the dry blenders and submerge them into the prepared mixture. While submerging, ensure they are adequately dipped, and no portion is out of the mixture. Let it for a couple of minutes, but keep it squeezing and mixing until you see the makeup residue coming out. Do not be in a hurry. It may take 2 to 3 minutes to start working, so be patient and gently do the task.

Step 3- Check the Stiffness

After that, check the stiffness to confirm the process’s effectiveness. As far as you submerge the blender in the mixture, it starts becoming stiff. If you notice stiffness on the blender, it is a good sign your process is effective.

Step 4- Rinse under running water

After noticing the stiffness, take the bowl near the sink and rinse your beauty blender under running water. There is no need to rinse under hot water; only fresh water is enough. After a few moments, squeeze out the excessive water and observe the makeup residue removed from the blender.

Step 5- Microwave Sterilization

No doubt the blender has been cleaned, but it still needs deep cleaning to make it safe for your health and skin. You should pass it through the Microwave sterilization process. Fill a bowl with water and add a few more dish or hand soap pumps. Now place the beauty blender in the bowl and place that bowl in the Microwave. Turn on the microwave at good heat and leave it for 60 to 80 seconds. It will assist you in killing the bacteria to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Step 6- Final Rinse 

After the microwave sterilization process, bring the bowl to the sink and rinse the blender under the running water to remove the remaining makeup residue. Squeeze water properly and ensure there is no excessive water.

Step 7- Check the cleaning

Once you have done this, thoroughly analyze and ensure no residue or dirt is remaining on the blender. Sometimes, you need one more treatment if your blender is too dirty. If you feel it needs to repeat the process to ensure deep cleaning.

Method 2- Clean your beauty blender with Soap

This method is also effective if your blender is not very dirty. If you follow a regular cleaning routine, you can use only soap to clean the blender. Below are the step-by-step details to follow.

Things You Need:

For this method, you only need the following items.

  • Dish soap 
  • Beauty blender cleanser
  • Water 
  • Bowl
  • Beauty Blender

Step 1- Rub your beauty blender with cleanser

Start with wetting your beauty blender; it will help you work on it correctly. A wet surface will make the residue soft and easy to remove. After wetting the beauty blender, put the blender cleanser on it and run it thoroughly. While rubbing, ensure you cover all the areas and residues are removed from the surface of the blender. If you apply the blender cleanser, you will see the development of a lather surface over the blender.

Step 2- Rinse

Then look at the lather surface when you see the surface color is changing, it means the cleanser start to work. Rinse it under the water and ensure you have squeezed all the water. After removing the water, thoroughly check for the makeup residue and ensure no residue remaining. If there is residue remaining, you can repeat the process.

Step 3- Soak in a soapy water

If you see the blender still needs some treatment, there is no need to be worried; you need to give your blender a bath in soapy water. Take a cup and fill it with water and add a few drops of soap; liquid soap is a better option. After preparation of the mixture, soak the blender in the mixture for one or two minutes. Remove it and give it a gentle massage to remove the residue.

Step 4- Rinse again under running water

Now, rinse it under the running water and squeeze and remove the excessive water. Make sure there is no remaining makeup residue. Once confirmed, let it dry. Once the blender is dried, you can use it. It is a simple process that may not take more than 5 minutes, so you can repeat it every time after use.


Cleaning beauty blender keep you protected from health issues, especially of your skin. The blender needs proper cleaning after a few uses to keep it free from germs and makeup residue. We shared two easiest methods that will help you to clean your blender and make it smooth to work. But before starting the process, ensure you have read the instructions correctly.

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